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What is Lifechanyuan ?

Lifechanyuan is the warm homeland for spirit and soul of ordinary people who possess good and honest, industrious and intelligent quality.It is a place to make clear the meaning of life, the significance of lifetime and a transfer station for people with perfect human nature to make forward for the high level of space .

The significance of the birth of Lifechanyuan at this time is to help people survive the crisis which human beings are faced with and concerns everybody's survival. And then lead those who enter Lifechanyuan ( they are called as Chanyuan Celestials) to  live through the catastrophe fore-and-aft 2013 and enter into the new era ( which we call it as Lifechanyuan Era).

The founder of Lifechanyuan — Mr Xuefeng

Guide Xuefeng was enlightened by a car accident and has been working day and night for about 10 years since 2003. He has written articles about 3,000,000 words which are  Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus to spread the Greatest Creator's will and created an entire communist community-the Second Home for chanyuan celestials to conduct self-improving and self-refining.

Why we shall believe in Mr Xuefeng ?

Because Guide Xuefeng is the only one who can truthfully explains the origin of the universe, the mystery of LIFE, and the true meaning of life by the integration of Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, and Buddhism, Taoism, science, Mao Zedong thought ; He is the only one who can show the view of 36-dimension space,especially the real vision of the perfect Thousand-year world, the immortal Ten-thousand-year world and Buddha-the Elysium World to  human beings based on the interpretation of Time, Space and direct a bright and wonderful future for human beings. He is the messenger of the Greatest Creator and an angel sent by Jesus Chirst to harvest the ripe crops at the end of the world.

The best proof is the reality of the Second Home . It's based on the pround values of Lifechanyuan which can briefly  stated by 800 values for New Era Human Being.

The Second Home of Lifechanyuan  is born due to the big universal adjustment, and purpose of purifying Earth. It lays foundation for the new lifestyle after  2013 & beyond. We will build 256 branches of the Second Home around the world in order to make the Earth become a paradise which is" the absence of family, religion, political party, and state in the world. 'the talented will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family', in which 'no one would pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night', The people will be natural and pure, the weather will be good for harvest, the society will be harmonious, the will of the people will be peaceful, the products will be plentiful, and everyone will be happy."

We'll shine the Greatest Creator's light so brightly through the Second Home in the darkest time.The new life and new era are calling for you, and Lifechanyuan is inviting you ! Any one who wants to make Mother Earth become a better place , please join us and let's realise this wonderful dream together !

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This is A Battle between Civilization and Barbarism (6)

This is A Battle between Civilization and Barbarism (6)


 What kind of behavior it is if someone prevents people from longing for a better life and blocks the way to the ideal communism society? What kind of behavior it is if someone damages the road, cuts off the power of the Second Home where a group of diligent, kind, honest, simple and trustworthy people live at?

This is a behavior of barbarism.

In the face of barbarism, what can we do?
Firstly, we know that everything is running in the Tao, so do barbarism. We accept what comes to us. We don’t worry about anything because we have given our lives to the Greatest Creator and also to the Tao. We believe in the Greatest Creator and believe what comes to us is the best. Therefore, we are not going to blame god, society, the government and others.  And we don't even complain those who made trouble to us. Since everything is running on karma, if we did something wrong, we would have to pay the penalties. If we did nothing wrong, it is then a good opportunity for us to sublime, also it is a good opportunity to build a solid foundation for our Second home. So no matter what happens to us, we would be willing to accept it.

Secondly, we are a group of kind and civilized people. So we wouldn’t take any uncivilized or extreme measure. If someone wants to damage our road, let them do. If someone wants to demolish our houses, let me do. If someone wants to chuck us out, let them do... Whatever happens, we wouldn’t blame, fight, resist, cry, shout or protest, strike, sit-in and hunger strike. Anyway we wouldn’t leave our home. Every day we do what we should do, we will always keep smiling and be friendly, and we will always seek truth from facts and tell the truths. In addition, we will always respect other’s character, dignity and the basic right of being a man, and respect the rights which the Charter of the United Nations and the Bill of Rights granted.

To build the Second Home into a model of ecological civilization and to set up the model of new life style for human beings, we should discipline ourselves in the daily life and follow the teachings from Buddha, sages and saints. We should act in accordance with the principles in civilized society and be a civilized person. Only in this way, we would finally defeat barbarity.

In the past four years, we didn’t do anything illegal, and there wasn’t any crimes in the community. We neither hurt any lives nor disturb the normal order of the society, or hurt the neighbors. All our behaviors are in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial being Lao Ztu and the prophet Mohammed. Also we act in accordance with the routes, direction and policy of China central government, and in accordance with the request of our chairman and the Prime Minister. In addition, what we have done reflected the pursuit for better life from all diligent, kind, sincere, simple and trustworthy people. All our behaviors are bright and in the sun, we neither do anything mysterious nor have any hidden secrets. We are open to the society, so we have nothing to be afraid of and nothing to worry about or needs to be hidden, and neither have anything to be begging for.

We must retain a faith in human goodness. The government is composed of people, as long as he is a person, surely he has his bright side. Even an atrocious person, he has his kind moments. So let’s believe the kindness will be aroused when people face with kind person like us, no mention there are countless kind people in the world. Although they don’t speak or make them clear, we believe they support and yell for us from their deep heart.

We don’t have any conflicts with the government. Therefore, in the future if the government have any request, we would actively cooperate with them. It is a must to let the government commandment especially those from the central government be implemented completely in our community. We believe our government which serves his people wholeheartedly will surely deal with this issue properly.

No matter how great the difficulties we would encounter, we must stand to the faith, stand to our values and stand to our home. The best way to overcome barbarism is firmly standing to civilization.

We are the most humble and the softest people in the world. So we would never try to resist, the only way for us is never compromise or fight. We put the threat of death out of our mind. Even die, we would choose to die on the road to the spiritual mountain, we would never back half step.
Stand on civilization or die, there is no room for discussion or bargain.




This is a Battle Between Civilization and Barbarism(5)

This is a Battle Between Civilization and Barbarism(5)

girls are dancing on our April party of the 3rd branch

Background Reading:

(translated by tongxin celestial)

At first, I want to publish the last letter I wrote to Shaowan village on April 22, to publish our requests and will to the public, then you can see why we refused to move out from our 3rd branch.

To Chuxiong Shaowan Village Committee

Shaowan village committee:

We have received your notice “ the Decision of Shawn committee and villagers of Requesting Zhangzifan(Xuefeng) to Move out from the Village”, thanks for your respond.

First, we don’t agree with your solution, the reasons are:

1, The total compensation you offer is 2,139,400 yuan, equals to an average of 50,000 yuan per person, with 50000 yuan per person, where can all our 40 members go, how can we live? If we expropriate your whole village land now and give you 50,000 yuan per person, you must leave all your stuff on the land  and in the houses and ask you to move out now, will you agree?

2. The 45-meters-long cave storage is completely of rock structure, it’s first mined by our people with electric breaker little by little, then strengthened with reinforced concrete, can it be built in 50,000 yuan? If any accident occurred during the mining process, is 50,000 yuan enough for medical expenses? In case there are any safe accidents occurs, hundreds of thousands of RMB is not enough,do you think it’s reasonable that you only compensate this hand-built cave storage for only 50,000 yuan?

3. You count  50 yuan for the salary of each member per day; no mention the fee on entire garden design and technician and construction engineer cost, even an ordinary migrant workers, the current market situation is not less than 100 yuan per person per day,right? Besides,you count the days as 400, is it true to the facts?

(note:we bought the land of our 3rd branch for 19 years since June 2011. We've been living there for 22 months till April 2013.)

4. We bought 1000 passion fruits from Guangxi province and planted it according to our present fields, now you want to expropriate our land and tell us to deal with these passion fruits by ourselves, please tell us, what can we do?

5. You said " In terms of the 500,000 yuan compensation for land leveling, night soil tanks, solar facilities and vegetables/flowers seeding, the villagers think we can only give a compensation of 125,000 yuan, if you don’t agree you can move it away." I would like to ask: how do we move the night soil tank?  How can we move the field? This is a gangster-like logic, are you creating difficulties between us purposely?  Is this an attitude of friendly negotiation?

First you said the government want to expropriate our land, since it’s the government expropriation, please take out the land requisition documents from above-county-level government, then everything can be carried out according to the laws  of the state land administration law. Please count carefully, if you expropriate our land  in accordance with the national land management law, could it be possible if the compensation is less than 10 million yuan?

If it’s not the government expropriation, you’re just borrowing the  banner of government expropriation recover the land, Ok we can make it according to the contract, then you must pay the ten-times penalty to us, please check it carefully, Isn’t it true that you must pay at least 10 million yuan to us?

We are law-abiding citizens, what we have done is in the scope of  Constitution,laws and the contract, because of the harmonious relationship we have with you in the past two years, we understand your request of recovering your land, we are willing to cooperate with you, willing to negotiate with you and deal with this issue peacefully, but you can’t put the realistic problem aside and force to us to leave, right?

Please ask yourselves, if such a situation comes to you, what will you do?

We have no way to retreat, hope you can calm down and think about it carefully, it’s better to deal things legally, reasonably and humanizedly, don’t make things more severe, the harmony of today’s society is not easily to achieve, we shouldn’t bring troubles to the government, we shouldn’t hurt the society, both of us should not take any extreme measures.

I hope you will come up with a practical plan soon, we’re not people who are unreasonable, as long as your compensation is reasonable, we will move out as soon as possible.

In addition, please make sure who is the exact representative of you, is it the village committee or the special group of Shaowan villagers, which side should we contact and negotiate with.

Bless  you!


Why did we refuse to move out? Because this so-called government expropriation to our 3rd branch is not humanized, unreasonable and illegal.
Not humanized

Most of people living in the Second Home sold out their houses and quit their work before participating in the construction of our community, thus our community is their home, now you request them to move out, then the government must consider their survival.  Now you only agree to pay a relocation costs of 2,130,000 yuan, which equals to 50,000 yuan moving fee per person, it’s too difficult to rebuild our branch by 50,000 yuan per person, so it’s not humanized.

The night soil tanks are built by digging big ditches on land then enforced by concrete, the field we levelled are on the land too, you said let us “move” the night soil tanks and the levelled field, how can we “move” them? It’s unreasonable.

At first the village committee came to tell us that the government want to expropriate our land, but till now we never see any government land acquisition documents or written notice, what you’ve done don’t follow the land expropriation administration law, besides you sent representatives sometimes  by the village committee, other times a group of Shawn villagers for negotiation, it is illegal too.

In a word, your so-called expropriation to our 3rd branch is not humanized, unreasonable and illegal, you requested us to move away and we refused to do so, then you damaged our only road led to outside, cut off our electricity and phone line. Human civilization has developed so much today, how can this happen?

This is a battle between civilization and barbarism. To be continued please see part 6.


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This is a Battle Between Civilization and Barbarism(4)

This is a Battle Between Civilization and Barbarism(4)


the blooming lotus in our 3rd branch

(Note: translated by tongxin celestial)

The 18th National Congress of China Communist Party put forward the strategy of practicing the scientific outlook on development, the construction of ecological civilization and construction of a beautiful China. Chairman Xi Jinping said: "the people's yearning for a better life is our goal." "The enhancement of people's self-consciousness, is a reflection of social progress. The most important inspiration from the reform and opening up lead by our party, is to respect the people's pioneering spirit, inspire billions of minds to work hard in pursuit of a happy life." Premier Li Keqiang said: "the reform must respect the initiatives from the common people and grassroots level," "the social organization is irreplaceable, a lot of things which the government can’t do you can do."

The  establishment of  the Second Home of Lifechanyuan is in big accordance with the plans of Chinese government, Chairman Xijinping and Premier Li Keying told us that we need to “respect the initiative from the common people and grassroots level”, we need to “inspire billions of minds to work hard in pursuit of a happy life”. We already did it.

Establish an entire communist community, this is the initiative of the common people which should be respected. Each member of our Second Home is devoting themselves unselfishly to realizing a happier life, and it accords with the advocation of our Chairman. While the present situation we are facing is, the direction of the central government is very clear and the leaders are quite civilized; we the people from grassroots  level also have a clear pursuit and are civilized, so why could such things of road damaged, power line and phone line cut off happened? How can these people who did it don’t follow the way our  Chairman and Premier point out? Are people who chase for a beautiful and happy life so harmful to you?  

Then, what’s the present situation of the Second Home?

First, in the past 2 years, we planted around 2000 fruit trees , ornamental trees and near 80 kinds of flowers; we raised chickens, ducks and grew vegetables; we built new houses on old chicken houses and pigsty; we built new roads, ponds and invited permaculture experts from Thailand to guide us how to implement permaculture thus build our home into a model of ecology civilization. We made organic compost and rebuilt the toilets, we built new night soil tanks and reservoirs. Presently we almost don’t use chemical fertilizer and pesticide any more, the disposal of rubbish and grey water are all done based on the standard of ecology civilization. Our living environment is natural, elegant and tidy, around 160 people are living together without any theft or robbery happened. There is hardly any quarrels or fighting among members, everything here is harmonious, simple and quiet, everybody feels happy, joyful and free. Isn’t such life “the pursuit of a beautiful life from all common people”? Why are you trying every means to drive away us?

In the past one year, you did anything you could to find out some “illegal” clues of our home trying to kill this new born communist community in cradle, you searched everywhere possible and investigated each member of us; for two times you sent officers to my hometown to investigate me and went to my past work units, what on earth are you doing? Are things as severe as you imagined? A simple person and a group of people want to do something good, why is it so hard to achieve? You’re blind to see plenty of bright and civilized phenomenon and facts of the Second Home, but taking this new born thing as a big enemy, couldn’t you distinguish what is right and wrong, good and evil?

To maintain the harmony and stability of society depends on all people, while who is the one causes unharmonious factors? Damage the road, cut off the power line and phone line of the Second Home, is this conducive to social harmony and stability? People just want a peaceful and safe life,  how can it be so difficult?

This is a battle between civilization and barbarism. To be continued please see part 5.


This is A Battle Between Civilization and Barbarism(3)

This is A Battle Between Civilization and Barbarism(3)

fully blossoming Triangle plum in the 3rd branch

(Note:translated by tongxin celestial)

      New Oasis For Life- the Second Home plans to set up 256 branches all over the world, we choose China as the first place to build an entirely communist community, why?

     There are many reasons, but the key reason is that China is a country lead by Communist Party. What does a Communist Party chase for? Communist party is chasing for realizing the communism, when every communist joined communism, there is such a sentence in it: Devote all my life into realization of Communism.

     Lead by communist party, have about 3.5 million communist basic organization, around 70 million communist members, this is the most fertile soil for a communist community, therefore, we choose this land to build an entirely communist community where we think it’s the most suitable place because of its environment, conditions and soil. We believe we’ll surely be supported by the communist organizations and communist members, because what we’re doing is in high accordance with the final target of communism.

      As the guide of Lifechanyuan, I joined communist party when I was 18, wherever I was, whatever I’m doing, I always remember one thing, that is the words I’ve sworn when I joined the party :” Devote my whole life to the realization of  communism”.

      If one hasn’t credibility, then he’s no difference with animals. Since I swore to devote my whole life to the communism, I must keep my words, contribute all my talents, time even my life into it, otherwise, what’s the difference am I and the animals?

      To be trustworthy is the symbol of a civilized man,  to be not trustworthy is the symbol of barbarism.

      Today,on the land of China, an entire communist community suffered a situation of road  damaged, the electric and telephone line cut off, this is a test for all communist organizations and members, every communist, are you going to be a civilized person to keep your words or choose to be an uncivilized barbarous man? Can you be calm and just do nothing to see such a communist community which you sworn to devote your whole life in disappear in China? I believe you can’t.


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Why Did the Damaging Event  to the 3rd Branch Happen ?

This is A Battle between Civilization and Barbarism (1)

This is a Battle Between Civilization and Barbarism(4)


This is A Battle Between Civilization and Barbarism(2)

This is A Battle Between Civilization and Barbarism(2)


the beautiful yard in our 3rd branch

Background reading:

(Note:translated by tongxin celestial)

From the Republic  of ancient Greece philosopher Plato to the Great Harmony longed by Chinese Saint Confucius; from the ideal society chased by utopian socialism thinkers Owen, Fourier and Saint-Simon to the Communist theory created by Marx; from the New Harmony established by Owen in US to thousands of communities that are growing up today, from the beautiful life chased by generations of hard working common people to the communism dream that was after by global communist, the pace of human civilization are continuously going forward —— till today, the new life mode for human being has come into being, this is the entire communist community -- the Second Home of Lifechanyuan.

Today, the establishment and success of the Second Home is the crystalization of wisdom essence from all saints and sages, the result of countless great people who contributed themselves unselfishly to their dream; at the same time it’s the result from the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial being Lao Tzu and Prophet Mohammed. This is a big step of human civilization, the most ideal life mode that has ever been established.

Facts speak louder than words. As long as people come to visit our community and experience the life here, you have to admit that such a life mode is the most ideal one which is longed for by all diligent, kind, simple, sincere and trustworthy people.

The harmony of people and people, people and society, people and nature is realized.

The ideal life of “no one would pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night,” is realized in our community.

The elders and all children are supported or taken care by the community.

Everyone tries his best performance on the job he's responsible for and  gents what he needs freely from the community.

Self-sustainability is realized, there is no  currency used in our community.
Our life environment has been built like a Xanadu, it’s tidy and ordered everywhere.      

All life resources are shared by all members of the community.
Our community can be taken as a model of ecology civilization construction.

Such a communist community is now suffering a situation of road damaged, power line and phone line cut off, facing a threat to be driven from our living residence. This is not only the contradiction between the Second home and the local government, but the conflict between human civilization and barbarism, this is a brutal battle of life and death between civilization and barbarism, this is also a severe test not only for Chinese government and the Communist Party members, but also to all civilized people, at the same time it’s a severe test to all global Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists and people who’re pursuing a better human life and a good LIFE future.

This is a battle between civilization and barbarism, to be continued please see part 3.


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